“Outlaw”: You bring your Own Equipment and Paintballs
No Rental Equipment Available, We do not combine rental players.
“Please visit Hours & Pricing for Rental Equip. Packages”


  • Field Fee FREE
  • All Day HPA Fills
    • $5 for 3k
    • $10 for 4.5k
  • HPA/Compressed Air Fills Only (Must have Current Hydro)
  • Paint Pricing Varies According to “In Stock”
    • Marballizer $15 per 500
    • OR Bring Your Own Paint (That’s in Reasonable Condition)
    • NO First Strike Rounds


  • Subject to Change (RSVP on Facebook Group Page)
    • Saturdays: Games Start at 4pm until Dark
  • Check back Soon for Added Dates


  • You must Join the Facebook Group Page to Play
  • Rules are Enforced By Honor System & Field Staff
  • ONLY Semi-Auto permitted
  • Hopper/Paint Restrictions (Tactical)
    • Magazine-Fed, 50 Round Hopper/ Tac-Caps
      • May use unlimited Pods/Mags
    • Full Size Hoppers are:
      • Not allowed to carry extra paintballs (pods)
      • Applies only to any Hopper that holds 150 Rounds or Greater
  • Max FPS 280
  • Barrel Covers (Preferred) or Barrel Plugs Required
  • Force Surrenders Permitted: Call “Surrender”
  • No shooting within 20 feet
  • Out
    • Full Body, NOT GUN, HIT includes break quarter size only
    • Splatter does not count
  • Completed Online Waiver Required