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What’s Included in the Pricing

  • Each Player receives the Following Rental Package
    • Premium Anti-Fog Safety Goggles/Mask
    • Premium Paintball Gun with FREE HPA Tank (Propellant)
    • All You Can Shoot Paintballs Topped Off to 120 Rounds Each Game
    • 60 Minute (Approx. 3-4 Games)
  • Outdoor Woods Playing Arena and Outdoor Facility
    • Pavilion, Benches/Tables, & Porta-Potty
    • Snack &¬†Sport Drink Concessions
  • We also Provide
    • Safety Brief & Orientation
    • Team Colored¬†Pinnies
    • FREE Drinking Water
    • FREE Action Photography
    • FREE Grilling Station
      • We Provide: Hot Charcoal & Grilling¬†Utensils
      • You Provide: Plates, Condiments, Buns, Meat, etc.

What to Expect

  • Session Summary
    • Come Dressed Ready to Play in Appropriate Clothing – Thrift Shop, Old Clothes
      • Paintball Hits Wash away¬†with Water
    • Players¬†Arrive 30 min Prior &¬†Sign In
    • Mandatory Safety Brief &¬†Designate Teams¬†Using Colored Pinnies
    • Equipment Demonstration &¬†1st¬†Game – Team Elimination
    • After Each Game: Players¬†Return to Break Area, VCP Staff Refill Paintballs &¬†Clean¬†Rental¬†Goggles
    • Games Follow: Center Flag, Attack Defend, VIP, Domination, Escort,¬†and More! (Vary Each Session)
    • Final Group Photo on the Playing Field
  • Rental Guns Only
    • New and Young Players Welcome!
    • Leveled Playing Field without Excuses
    • Lower Impact – .50 Cal Smaller Paintballs – Less Pain!
  • Shared Use Playing Arena
    • Groups are Combined during¬†Regular Sessions
    • More to Engage¬†& Challenges players to PLAY
    • Teams: Groups are kept¬†together or mixed¬†up¬†with¬†another for a well-balanced battle.
    • Don’t worry, Teams can be changed.¬†Its best to shoot at players you know for later bragging rights.

Pricing for 2021 (Plus Tax)

Group Rate
‚ÄĘ $12.50 per player per hour (Min 6 Players) PLUS $75 Field Fee per hour

Group Pricing Example

Hours ReservedField Fee12 Players at $12.50 per PlayerTotal (plus tax)
1 Hour$75$150$225
2 Hours$150$300$450
3 Hours$225$450$675
  • Onsite Additional Group Add-Ons $20/Player-Hour (Cash Only)
  • Private Reservation (Groups aren’t mixed due to COVID-19
  • Once Reserved, No¬†Lesser Substitutions
  • Have More Players than Expected?
    • Pay Only the Difference of a Group Rate if Requested 48 Hours Prior to a Reservation
    • Please Contact Us Under Reservation Support Issues (Payment due 24 Hours Prior)

Party and Event Notes

How to Complete a Reservation

  • Available Sessions Show in Stock and an¬†“Add to Cart” Button
  • Select¬†a Session Date/Time¬†–¬†Price Updates in Cart
  • Check Each Policy &¬†Complete the Payment
  • To Make a PRIVATE Reservation – Order 24 or more and Select the Private Option at Checkout.
  • Extreme Weather Policy & Cancellations

Select options$75.00