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Dedicated to the best experience

Our field is dedicated to creating the best experiences for our guests, so all players new and veteran can enjoy the game of paintball. In order to meet our mission, we operate with Rental Guns Only to level the playing field.

But Why? What are the Benefits?

  • Evens the playing field for both New and Experienced Players
  • Take Pride On Skill Against One Another, No Excuses!
  • Helps you become a better player by competing at the same level as others
  • Players Cannot Outspend Others, Do you really need to spend $500 plus on a paintball gun?
  • We handle All the Maintenance and Repairs. Simply, we’ll swap you out if a problem occurs.
  • Most Important, you can buy the best Goggles out there (often ignored)
  • No Financial Loss if you Take a Break from Playing, (Search Paintball in Craigslist….)